This season marks a new and very necessary evolution of our forecasting methodology. Rather than starting the season with four thematic trends, we stepped back and questioned the true emotional drivers of change that were influencing the market, all of which ultimately lead to what consumers will want. It was in this quest that we identified four important cultural sentiments: Vulnerability, Pleasure, Symphony and Reverence.

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As we attempt to find the sweet spot between intuition and data, we are also clear that our human capacity must be what we lean into to in order to result in true forward thinking. We are the creators and tech is one of the many tools for carving and confirming our foresight. It has been long debated whether powerful trend forecasting is a product of gut instinct or a straight-forward analysis of indicators. We are on a mission to find the perfect balance of both.

Forecasting for us is the ability to combine storytelling and visualization over detected patterns. It's the art of layering meaning over research and analysis. For me, the "meanings" are as important as the "patterns." For many years we have been using our qualitative research to pave the way for future seasons to come. Now we have added a layer of artificial intelligence - powered trend tracking systems to help us detect and confirm patterns. To me, though, how we spot a new pattern is less important. What I am most proud of is how we gather all the pieces of the puzzle to create one coherent picture. To do that successfully requires the use of all of the parts of the brain, led by our heart and senses. This has long been what differentiates us.

As I meet with and advise key players in the creative industry, what's very evident to me is that we have lost a key element in our creative journey - the ability to design what we LOVE and what lights us up. My commitment is to change that. Sometimes you just have to put down the spreadsheets of sell-throughs and take a moment to feel the future. We invite you to take the journey with us.

I think we can all agree that in today's world of sameness, it's time to take a stand for product that has meaning. Don't worry, there will be plenty of room for storytelling and an in-depth look into the details later on in our forecast, but before we get there, let's allow ourselves to spot the origins of how and why these design aesthetics came to be in our creative zeitgeist. By zooming out in the process just a bit, we leave you with more flexibility to focus on your brand and open the door for you to be more creative. We want to give you anything but cookie cutter trend forecasting.

I could not be more proud of what the team has created for you this season and invite you to share your feedback with us. I hope these sentiments resonate with you as much as they do for us and most of all, we hope they inspire you to create something truly amazing.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to email me directly at

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